Food for Thought vs Chipotle and Huffington Post

CRT_0341by: Timothy Fitzgerald Young

As an organic farmer I’ve always held out hope that Chipotle might be an authentic company truly committed to the many values it espouses. But I must admit, I’ve maintained a bit of suspicion as to just how deep those values penetrate the company when many of their stated commitments like “GMO-Free” and “Organic” are followed by the qualifier, “Whenever possible.” That suspicion deepened in October of 2013 when I discovered their “Whenever possible” qualification applied to their most self-proclaimed value of working with “integrity” and not “exploiting people.”

In partnership with The Huffington Post, Chipotle has launched a new blog using my trademarked company and blog name, Food for Thought.  They have ignored my letters, and those of dozens of my supporters, and are plunging ahead with their blog: crushing 18 years of my hard work building my brand to mean “just and sustainable food.”

Therefore, on this day–December 31, 2013–this small Michigan farmer and food entrepreneur is launching the “Chipotle Accountability Tour.” The first stage involves traveling around the Midwest with my kids for two weeks, picketing Chipotle restaurants. We hope to turn up the volume on an important dialogue about the corporate ethics of Chipotle and The Huffington Post. (We were going to go to Disney World, but my kids are taking it well.)

Follow our journey by clicking on our Tour Blog above. If you would like to help, or simply want more information, please visit the links below:

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